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Scott McGill

by Bradley Lewis

This is only a glimpse of Scott and you just cant imagine his musical vocabulary. He covers all musical boundaries like nobody's business. He has opened up for lots of musicians who have record deals, touring schedules, etc., but Scott's home is here in the golden triangle and he isn't going any where. Scott has made many of the musicians who have tried to get up and "hang" with him wish that they had just stayed sitting at the table.

Now, Scott would never intentionally discourage a player from getting up and playing with him, say on an open-stage night. But I can tell you first hand that it's the players that come from out of town that usually show up and don't know Scott that make that fatal mistake. There isn't one player in this area that is stupid enough to try challenging him on stage. Scott plays with people on there level, never intimidating or making them feel discouraged. He encourages people and always lets others have the floor before himself onstage. I am proof of that. He allowed me to play a few songs with him at a small club. Well, I did my best and realized it was time for a lot more practice, serious practice. I thanked him for allowing me to play a few songs with him and I ran back to my table real fast. Ha Ha...

I will give you an instance where a musician was just as rude as could be to Scott. This particular musician does (or did) have a recording contract, whom I won't name nor give his label. This particular artist came into town and through contacts hired Scott's band to open for them. Before the show, this artist was having some conversation with Scott about his touring around the country and how he was with a particular label and basically big timing it. He then asked Scott if he had a label. What was the point in tell me. The artist was from this area and should have known that Scott is local.(Scott plays all over and out of state to, but this guy doesn't know that). Well this particular artist pretty much was digging his own grave trying to be a big shot. Stroking your own feathers isn't cool at all, but if your going to do that you had better be able to back it up.

Well, after this artist pretty much just 'dawged' Scott into the ground with all his condescending remarks, Scott just politely made his way too the stage and said "It's time to do it guys ". Man let me tell you, the performance was beyond description. Jaw dropping, mind boggling. I've been playing 25 years and I know what I'm talking about. When Scott walked off stage, I was speechless. Proud, to say the least, for Scott and most of all, glad that I didn't have to follow him on stage. People actually got up and started leaving. I talked to one person who bought tickets to see the headliner. I said "Where are you going?" His response was "The show's over". I had to agree....

Now the good part. When the main act came out on stage, it seemed as if he had seen a ghost. It seemed as if his fingers were glued too the neck. I think he knew he had screwed up really bad. Ok. I think you get the picture. Too not see Scott live is an injustice. He is truly a "Guitar Player" in the truest since of the word. He "IS" his guitar. An extension of his self. Flawless, effortless play is what you see with Scott. This is very rare. An unsung hero in the music world. A true professional, gentleman and just flat out great person. He truly should receive some kind of lifetime musical achievement award but I don't guess you get those unless your really famous or something. That's sad.

He always comes to sit at our table when my wife and I go to see him play. I'm not sure why, but he does. He knows me from the music scene from years of playing. He appreciates his fan base. Its how he makes his living. He treats all with respect and gives everyone his time.....including the drunks that come up and bring up the past from 30 years ago at a club that doesn't exist anymore.

Bradley Lewis

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