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Lou Rye

Modern Day Troubadour

Playing his way around the world, entertainer and songwriter Lou Rye (Lutz Reichert) left West Germany in the early 60's "with Bob Dylan in my heart" on a seven year musical sojourn. That adventure took the young troubadour throughout Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and India as well as North & South America.

In the mid-60's, Lou Rye lived and played in New York City's Grenwich Village. There he made acquaintance with the likes of Al Cooper, Mike Bloomfield and Richie Havens. "I knew Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin. I met Hendrix at a laundromat and we hung out occasionally," recalls Lou. "Bob Dylan lived on Fifth Street and we played the Gaslight. I also played the open stages at all the major rock concerts from Monterey Pop to Woodstock."

With the end of the 60's Lou left for Britain where he earned his living for ten years as a Residential Social Worker, later emigrating to northern Ontario, Canada to raise a family. All the while, Lou continued to write songs and perform in his local community.

Recently, the 2001 Detroit Music Awards nominated Lou for Musician of the Year in the World Music Composer category. Over the last three years Lou has produced an ambitious trio of varied and excellent CD's aimed at the diverse audiences for whom he loves to perform.

Really Blue, his first CD, showcases high-energy original blues in collaboration with Chris Natho and the Boogie Chilluns. His second CD, Of Love and Light, presents his own delightful Smooth Jazz and Soft Rock material. The Lou Rye All-Stars: Live2000, his third CD, features Lou and All- Stars strutting their stuff with a variety of covers as well as Lou's distinctively original material. This one sounds so fresh you could close your eyes and swear you're rubbing elbows at the club.

Most recently, Lou put out yet another CD, a sampler featuring James Morse on Sax and Rick Matle on Guitar. The sampler was to showcase Lou's variety, to allow a taste of his repertoire in Spanish / New Age, Smooth Jazz , and Raga: World Music for spiritual journeying. Lou's live act showcases ninety percent original material with the rest bearing his unique signature. His Blues performances especially reveal a heartfelt high energy, attesting to his deep identification with the soul of the music.

Singing in boisterous discipline and laying down licks reminiscent of BB King and Etta James, for over twenty years this world-traveling troubadour has brought audiences to their feet. He also writes and performs Latin & Soft Rock, Smooth Jazz, World Music, New Age and much, much more -- all with his distinctive touch. "Music allows me to connect with the world," explains Lou. "I love bringing joy to people."

Lou's website:  http://www.lourye.com

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