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Blues For Peace

This Guitar Fed My Family

By Mean Gene Kelton

After 23 years or more of playing music for a living, and paying his dues in every kind of hell-hole imaginable, Mean Gene Kelton is finally starting to reap the fruits of his musical labors. Right after being laid off from his regular day-job in December of 1982, Mean Gene Kelton went back to his first love - his guitar, and out of sheer desperation and economic necessity he started playing local bars. As the words to his song "TooWhite To Play The Blues" relate,"when the oil fields ran dry, this guitar fed my family…".

Mean Gene never went back to a day job. His guitar has supported his family since then - a feat which in itself speaks for the popularity of his talent. Kelton's gut-bucket/roots rock/shoot from the hip style crosses the musical spectrum from down-home dirty blues to rockabilly, Americana and Southern-fried rock 'n roll.

The raw honesty and versatility of his music has captured the attention of a whole new legion of Die Hard fans from all walks of life…and from around the globe. Today,Mean Gene Kelton and his band The Die Hards are considered one of the top bands in Texas. They perform at over 200+ shows per year, in all variety of live entertainment venues - the band is in constant demand, with requests coming from blues festivals, motorcycle rallies, private appearances and tours around the globe..

Being asked back time after time speaks for itself. Mean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards are currently celebrating their success with the #1 Blues song "My Baby Don'tWear No Panties"… and a top-selling CD - "Most Requested" featuring fifteen original songs. It only took 23 years to become an overnight sensation!

Gene's website:

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