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Blues 823

by Eran Ashkenazi

Eran Ashkenazi, a young Israeli soldier was injured in the Wadi Ara 823 bus bombing attack in 2002. He wrote a blues song about the experience... Listen to Blues 823 - click here!

Hadera (city), 6:30 AM, I'm still sleepy,
Waiting for the bus that will take me there.
Traveling to Neura (army base),
To another day in the army, comforted that
The woman soldier there is good looking.
And so without any concern,
The Blues 823 begins...

I show my soldier pass, sit back in the bus,
Lookin out the window, thinkin about the clouds.
Soldiers from my company, get on after me,
I don't know them, I'm new in the unit.
And so without concern,
The Blues 823 continues...

Traveling in Wadi Ara (valley), between green fields,
The sky is clear, so there's nothing to see.
We stop at the bus stop, three get on in line,
One takes a step backward and pushes the button.
With bomb fragments in my back and head,
The Blues 823 continues...

Although I'm injured, no need to worry,
Like everyone, I'm an actor and continue to
play my part. I'll say in a trembling voice,
like someone half crazy...
"We are all pieces on the chessboard."
With lots movies in my head,
The Blues 823 ends.

by Eran Ashkenazi, Copyright 2002.
Translation, Johnny Mayer, Copyright 2002.

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