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Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher Taste - was an Irish blues and rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. Born in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, on 2 March 1948, he grew up in the city of Cork. Rory was based in London during most of his 30-year career; he toured extensively, sold 30 million records, and had a worldwide following of loyal fans.

In 1963 Rory Bought (second-hand) the famous '61 sunburst Fender Stratocaster, for 100 pounds, in Cork this was apparently the first Stratocaster in Ireland, The 'battered Strat' was to be Rory's most notable trademark over the next 31 years. At age 16 Rory joined the Fontana show band, Rory toured with the show band until a point where only three members of the band showed up for a specific gig, Rory persuaded the promoter that they could play anyway, the three piece line up then became Taste.

Taste toured until 1970 including a US and Canada tour supporting blind faith, and a headline spot at the Isle of White festival in 1970. At the end of 1970 Rory went solo, forming another 3-piece band the “Rory Gallagher Band” the line up changed over the years:

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Line up of Rory Gallagher Band: Rory Gallagher (guitar, vocals) with:
1970 - 1972: Gerry McAvoy (bass), Wilgar Campbell (drums)
1972 - 1976: Gerry McAvoy (bass), Lou Martin (piano), Rod De'Ath (drums)
1976- 1981: Gerry McAvoy (bass), Ted McKenna (drums)
1981- 1991: Gerry McAvoy (bass), Brendan O'Neil (drums)
1992- 1994: David Levy (bass), Jim Levaton (keyboards), John Cooke (keyboards), Richard Newman (drums). Regular guest: Mark Feltham (harmonica).

Rory achieved great success playing Europe and the world, and achieved recognition from other great artists such as Clapton, Beck, Page, Slash and Townsend to name a few, Rory was widely respected throughout the music industry and released many great, albums, however he was really at his best during a live performance.

1969     Taste
1970     On The Boards
1971     Live Taste
1972     Live At The Isle of Wight
1977     In Concert (The Marquee-London, 1968)
1994     The Best Of Taste
1994     Taste Anthology

1971     Rory Gallagher
1971     Deuce
1971     Between Belfast and Dublin
1972     Live! In Europe
1973     Blueprint
1973     Tattoo
1973     The Best Years
1974     Irish Tour '74
1974     The Story So Far
1975     Sinner And Saint
1975     Against The Grain
1976     Calling Card
1978     Photo-Finish
1978     Top Priority
1980     Stage Struck
1982     Jinx
1987     Defender
1990     Fresh Evidence
1992     Edged In Blue
1995     A Blue Day For The Blue
2003     Wheels Within Wheels

Rory’s Equipment
Electric Guitars

Number 1 Fender Stratocaster - (probable the first Strat in Ireland), S/N 64351, Nov 1961, purchased second hand by instalments from Michael Crowleys Music Centre in Cork, 1963 for £100, neck was replaced several times Fender and Mighty-Mite, Schaller and Sperzel mechanics, Star Brass bridge, Gibson frets, 5 way switch, one ton control for all original pickups, tremolo broken and fixed with wooden block, stringing: .010, .012, .015, .026,. 032, .038(.040), high action for sustain and for using slides

Fender Stratocaster - 1957, maple neck (studio work only)
Fender Telecaster

Fender Duosonic - with MusicMaster neck, tuned up one note, supported by 22 1/2`` short scale

Gibson Melody Maker - 1960

Gibson Les Paul Junior - 1958, P 90, Schaller M6 mechanics, Bad Ass Bridge

Burns Bison Guitar - 3 Pickups

Gretsch Corvette - 1957, purchased for $80 in a second hand shop, Rory replaced the defect pickup by a P 90

Coral - Electric Sitar

Dan Electro - Silvertone (bought for 15$ in an US pawnshop) used for ``A Million Miles Away`` and ``Cradle Rock``

Martin D-35 - Ibanez Pickup

Martin - Mandolin

National - Duolian (1932)

Takamine - single cutaway


STRAMP Power Baby TYP K-85, 80 W, 2 x 12``

Ampeg VT 40 MK I

Ampeg VT 40 MK II

Fender Bassman 1954

Fender Twin 1954

Fender Concert 1961

Marshall Combo

Marshall Top and 4 x 12`` (for big halls only)

Rangemaster (with AC 30 only)

Hawk booster (from New Jersey, used as midrange booster in combination with Bassman)

Phaser MXR Phase 90

MXR DynaComb (Compressor)

Boss Octave (Octaver)

Ibanez Tube Screamer (old version)

Boss Graphic Equalizer

Boss Flanger

DOD Analog Delay (Slap-Back-Echo)

Synconics Noise Gate (19``)

By : Chris Gornall.

© 1998-2009 Blues for Peace Corporation. All rights reserved.

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

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