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Blues Improvisation
Blues Improv


Willie Dixon, Chicago Blues

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Blues for Peace was recoginzed by UNESCO and appeared in the New York Times, Blues Review, USA Today, Downbeat, BBC Global Hit, Jerusalem Post, etc. For interviews, contact us.

Granada II Portal

UNESCO Granada II Portal
BFP helps promote UNESCO's Culture of Peace

Blues Revue
Blues Revue Magazine

"We are indeed a global tribe that touches every corner of the world. One great example is Johnny Mayer's great work promoting the blues in Jerusalem at Blues for Peace .Com. There's some righteous work!"

Downbeat Magazine, Jazz Publication
Down Beat Magazine
Max Roach in Jerusalem

The World Logo
The World * Global Hit * SOBO Band * Listen!

USA Today Hot Site Award, Blues For Peace
USA Today HOT Site
An Interactive Shalom

New York Times
The New York Times
Mentor and Teacher on Jazz Scene, Dies

PBS American Masters
PBS American Masters - Alan Ginsburg
Mentions "Beat to Beatnik" article

CNN Student News
CNN Student News
Mentions BFP in "Cello's for Peace"story

Commercial Appeal, Memphis
Blues Lovers from 'Round World Enjoy Challenge
126 acts gonna get their mojo workin'

Jerusalem Post
From Mike's Place to Memphis
Claiming Their Birthright Through Music
RAS JAZZ (Ethiopian Jazz Show)
Oh Peace Blues, Take This Country
An Enjoyable Browse

Sign up for Blueswax!
Sittin' In With SOBO (IBC - Memphis)

Israel 21C Logo
Using the Blues to Bridge Gaps

Global Jewish News
Birthright Gets the Blues

Maariv - Israel Daily Newspaper
Israel's Best Internet Sites

offBEAT - New Orleans' Music Magazine
Website of the Month

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle
Jammin' through the Holy Land

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Week's Best of the Internet

Baltimore Jewish Times
"This Isn't Just Blues Man ..."

The Detroit News
"An Interactive Shalom"

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle
Peaceful' Blues In CyberSpace

Teaneck Jewish Standard
"Local Blues Boy Makes Peace"

Kol Ha Ir
"A Clear Connection"

Itone Yerushalaim
"Summertime Blues"

Experience Hendrix
"Jimi Hendrix in Madison, WI"

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Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

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