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Practice Guitar Right

Or be stone cold in the market?

You can practice your guitar for five hours straignt playing tons of licks, chords, shredding, tapping and panting like a German Shepherd... ok, so your thristy.. go get a drink and sit down and listen to your practice session.. PP. Oh, so you didn't tape your practice session.. becuase you almost never tape your practice sessions. like SRV says' "Change IT!"

The subject of how to practice guitar really bothers me.. so many promising young guitar players make the fatal mistake of practicing alone.. What a shame.. Wake Up Guys! Do you want to be the next Stevie Ray Vaughan or "Stone Cold in the Market?"

The "stone cold in the market" comes from a song on a Jimmy Smith album called "Prayer Meetin" with Stanley Turrentine. They both are drenhced in the blues and well worth listening to.

Anyway.. it's easier to live in a dream world than take on the task of turning yourself into a real musician... Am I right? Don't just move on the the next sentence.. think about it man!! It's your life! And if you don't got it, let it go... do something else.. it ain'at the end of the world..

OK, so you you don't want to be stone cold in the market.. I thought so now let's try to do someting about it.. listen to some of your favorite guitar players, it doesn't matter if they play with a band or by themselves because "THEY HAVE THE BEAT WITHIN THEM!" You can hear the rhythm in every note they play. It's what separates the men from the boys in blues guitar and life, I guess.

You may have the beat within you too so I don't want to put you down.. I'm trying to motivate you to hear your own guitar the way other people hear you and help tune your ears up playing with people or jam tracks and cd's instead of just playing alone. Got it??? I hope so!

Ask your teacher or a friend or to to tell you honestly what they really think about your guitar playing. You need feedback from somebody that knows what they are hearing when they hear you play. If you don't have the ear todady, you may have it someday, but for now make a point to play along with real musicians or to play along to CD's, jam tracks to FORCE YOU TO WORK!!

Practive with People or or Jam Tracks

The "STone Cold Dead in the Market" comes from a Jimmy Smith Album called "Prayer Meetin". JImmy Smith played with lots of great jazz guitar players drenched in the blues.

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Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

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