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Blues For Peace
Cultures of Jerusalem

Jerusalem Blues Festival

Shalom, Ahalan Wasahalan, Peace...

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
When true peace comes to Jerusalem, peace will spread throughout the world...

Eli Marcus, Johnny Mayer, Yonat Mayer   (Lili Barchilon)

Blues for Peace has been located in Jerusalem for ten years in Tzomet Pat, an Arab - Jewish area where Jews and Arabs ride the same buses, shop the same stores, celebrate holidays and get along with each other..

Most of our blues concerts were held in Jerusalem... We would love to hold a Jerusalem Blues Festival and invite you on stage to jam with us! So far it's just a dream...

Chill out to a Jerusalem blues jam
Contemplate Jerusalem graffiti...

And come visit us... we'd love to meet you!

May all your blues be Blues for Peace..

Max Roach, Jerusalem, Israel festival
Max Roach  Arnie Lawrence   Johnny Mayer (Photo Gali Tibbon)

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Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

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