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Blues For Peace

Stevie Ray Vaughn, Blues For Peace

Music Books

Music books.. what would we do without music books to teach us how to play guitar, bass, piano, sax, and blues harp etc... Check out musician's music books and you'll know the musician.

Before you buy your next music books.. look around the house and see what kind of music books are laying around.. not just sheet music music.. also biographies of musicians and styles of music.. this will help you understand the musicisn within you.

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  Reading a biography about your favorite musicians may inspire you in ways you can't imagine.. I still have some of my first music books laying around and they still look pretty good after 40 years.. I still haven't learmed all the chord fingerings, guitar licks and rhythm guitar plarts.. but so what.. for some reasong.. I just can't part with my beat up old guitar books. Think it's funny? Let's see your collection of old music books in say twenty years or so, probably put my pile to shame!

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Eric Clapton

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