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Blues For Peace

Blues Gifts

Touched by the Blues book about blues musicians

Touched by the Blues

"Touched by the Blues" is a 170 page pocket book you about the real blues heroes - local blues musicians that play the blues for the love of the music and pass it on to others.. It's a fun book to read that just may bring a tear or two to your eyes.. you'll see.. there are so many wonderful stories here you will read it over and over again.. like a good friend this book will become part of you life.. on the road, at home and as gifts to your friends.

"Touched by the Blues" ~ Read Samples!

Did you ever hang out with blues musicians? Get to know them as people? "Touched by the Blues" takes you backstage as blues musicians tell it from the gut... from hard knocks to magic moments playin' the blues!

Price $9.99 Includes postage worldwide

Blues Shirts - Baseball Jersey
Blues Shirts

The most popular blues gift is the Blues for Peace baseball jersey above. This blues shirt looks best worn on stage, at a blues concert, ball game, in bed (can we say that?), at a Bar-B-Que, fishin trip, dirt bike race and baseball game.

Blues Sshirt
Cheap Thrills

 Baseball Jersey
Best Seller
blues shirt, cool shirt
Lucky Shirt
Stickers, Buttons & Magnets   
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Johnny Mayer
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