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Blues Improvisation
Blues Improv

Blues For Peace

Arnie Lawrence, Johnny Mayer, Blues For Peace, Jerusalem, Israel
Arnie Lawrence, Johnny Mayer, Anna Immanuel (Lili Barchilon)

A Clear Connection

"Faith, Hope & the Blues concert review in Ha-Ir.

Judging by the number of people that came to the Blues for Peace program at the Yellow Submarine, the rating for peace is going down. But the truth is public relations for peace doesn't change anything, perhaps only small things like elections, and even that isn't certain.

On the other hand, there is no connection between the number of people that showed up and peace itself. It's quite simple, people are not is used to turning up at the Yellow Submarine to hear music on a Friday afternoon.

On the third side, Johnny Mayer who arranged the whole thing took a survey of the crowd to see who came for the blues? And who came for the peace? It turned out that most of the people came for both the blues and the peace. So what does that mean? Perhaps nothing.

How in the world was the connection made between blues and peace? It turns out the connection is quite clear. Blues is music for people that are miserable and depressed and whoever supports peace these days is plenty miserable and depressed.

The people of "Blues for Peaces" offer a different version. They say that all of the peoples in the area have had enough blues. Instead of fighting, its better to jam on 12 bar blues shuffles. Much better.

Johnny Mayer himself is a man full of good intentions and harmonicas, however he over organized the session a bit. He was always inviting people to get up on stage and play so that everyone got a chance, and that nobody was left out. As opposed to peace that requires organized efforts, a jam session should be spontaneous.

In spite of that, the show was quite nice, especially the Yithak Yedid trio with Johnny Mayer that anchored the show. Technically the band is capable of playing more than just three chord blues songs. Musically the band had the "feel" for the music and the crowd enjoyed themselves.

In short, don't be discouraged. Another 50, 80, 100 performances like this and peace will come. It will come for sure.

Jerusalem, Israel December 8, 2001, by Yuval Fiorko, translated from Hebrew
© 2000, Kol Ha Ir, Jerusalem -  All rights reserved

Arnie Lawrence
Arnie Lawrence - Guest Artist

© 1998-2009 Blues for Peace Corporation. All rights reserved.

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