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Killer Guitar

Play Killer Guitar!

When blood, sweat & tears don't turn you into a killer guitar player ~ Don't give up - GET ANGRY!

Curse the day you were born, the guy that took your girl, cheated you at poker, had you for lunch, put you down, made a fool of you and laughed in your face...


And maybe, just maybe you'll turn your anger and frustration into your ally for playing killer guitar licks... listen to blues guitar greats - SRV, Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, BB King, Buddy Guy.. do you hear the ANGER?

I had a friend that was a basketball player and he told me something I'll never forget about being a baskeball player... He said, you got to be AGILE, MOBILE AND HOSTILE to win at basket ball.

Think about it.. REALLY think about it... get your guitar, play a few blues guitar licks.. think about it... record yourself playing a few blues guitar licks... listen to them.. do you hear the hostility in you playing.. do you hear the anger? Are you a killer guitar player? Tell the truth...Are you playing the blues or just pretending?

If you feel you're just pretending to be a killer guitar player, that's better than living in a dream world and getting your ass kicked every time you go to a blues jam. OK, so what's the tirick? How can you learn to play killer guitar licks? Sorry, no simple answer here... so let me go back to the beginning.. to the first time I heard Eric Clapton play guitar with Cream.

There was something about his playing that caught my ear the first time I heard it.. it sounded to me like he was playing faster than the tempo.. like he was racing ahead and the music was running to catch up with his solo licks.. does this make any sense? It sure as hell didn't make any sense to me. How could somebody play guitar licks faster than the music and still stay in time with the band? Damn that Clapton.. he really pissed me off. As if I didn't have enough problems in the world.. along comes this British guitar player and turns my world inside out..

Move ahead maybe 20 years and one day it finally dawned on me what Clapton was doing and B.B. King before him and Freddie King and all the greats.. THEY WERE PLAYING FAST BLUES GUITAR LICKS timed to catch your ear and snap back in rhythm with the music...

They have ears like a bat and launch their blues licks off the drums.. and that's the secreet to playing killer guitar solos... Play off the drums! Imagine a blues lick is a new born baby and the drummer is the doctor.. each time the guitar player plays a blues lick, the drummer comes along as slaps it on the ass and it crys, "Who the hell just hit me on the ass.. I'm gonna grow up and kick your ass!

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Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

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