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Blues For Peace

Sababa Pizza, Jerusalem, New York City, Twin Towers, Statue of Liberty

Jerusalem Graffiti

Graffiti is the blues music of the art world... the "Statue of Liberty" and NY World Trade Center above is at Sababa Pizza, Emek Refaim, German Colony.

Bashir, Face, Jerusalem Graffiti..Preacher, Face, Jerusalem Graffiti..Cross Israel Hiway, Jerusalem Graffiti

Just off King George St., there is "Bashir" (Asad?), "The Preacher" and "Wildlife & Plant Life" under a map of Israel's cross Israel highway". (controversial road)

Donkey, Jerusalem Graffiti..Elephants, Jerusalem Graffiti

"White Horse" near Gerard Behar Center. "Buy Elephants" is on Bezalel St. says "In February, it's best to buy elephants".

Arabic and Hebrew graffiti adorn a water tank by the Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem. The Hebrew graffiti says "David 2000".

Good Times, Jerusalem Graffiti..Green Gun Men, Jerusalem Graffiti..Guy with Pipe, Jerusalem Graffiti

The Jerusalem pedestrian mall on Hillel St. has "Let the Good Times Roll" , many "Green Soldiers" and "Bob Smoking A Pipe".

Where is It? ... Jerusalem Graffiti

Jerusalem graffiti by the Russian Compound says "Where is it?" in blue and "Pot Head Face" has a marijuana plant for a mouth.

Lilliput, Jerusalem Graffiti..Don't Brush Teeth, Jerusalem Graffiti

The Soldiers cry "Liliput" at the Cinematek. Above the phone says "Every Drop is Precious" and below says "Don't Brush Your Teeth!" (Israel's drought)

Man, Woman, Smoking Pipes, Jerusalem Graffiti

At Zion Square, Jerusalem, we have "Bob Smoking A Pipe" in green and "Woman With A Cigarette Holder" in her mouth .

Saint, Jerusalem Graffiti..Shalom, Peace, Jerusalem Graffiti

"The Saint" is located in Bakaa among health food restaurants and book stores. The "Peace Doves" sing for Peace - Shalom.

Star, Jerusalem Graffiti..Preacher, Jerusalem Graffiti..fat 32, Jerusalem Graffiti

The "Death Star" lurks by Independence Park, "The Father" watches over and "FAT32" graffiti comes in many colors near Mahneh Yehudah.

Stop Fighting, Jerusalem Graffiti

The barbed wire and "Stop Killing" graffiti are located a block from McDonalds and Tower Records in downtown Jerusalem.

..The Saint, Red, Jerusalem GraffitiYellow Hands, Jerusalem Graffiti

"The Saint" on Emek Refaim stands under a sign that says "Love". The "Yellow Hands" of the children cry out in silence to "save the children".

Sleeping Beauty, Jerusalem Graffiti

"Beautiful Dreamer" by the Hamashbir store followed me the whole day, became exhausted, laid down for a nap ... and turned into graffiti! For large photos - click here!

"Jerusalem Graffiti" photographed November 7, 2001 by Johnny Mayer. Copyright 2001, John S. Mayer. All rights reserved.

Blues Graffiti, Train Graffiti, United States

Blues for Peace graffiti on a freight train (etts).

See full picture

© 1998-2009 Blues for Peace Corporation. All rights reserved.