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Blues For Peace

Eliran Vegh, illustrator

Eliran Vegh

I was born in Netanya, Israel, 1984.
I grew up to love Animations/Comics and computer Games.
While i was in high school i started to love Blues Music/Hard Rock.
I am now a student for architecture, and work as an Application Engineer for Conduit.

I am pretty casual guy...

I love to read Manga (Japanese comics)/Comics
I love Anime Movies (Japanese animations)

I illustrate alot.

i listen to rock/metal/hard rock/blues music
I play mostly Blues music.

May Favorite Music artist are Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Guns n' Roses, Cream(Eric Clapton), Buddy guy

My favorite Manga/Anime artists are Masamanu Shirow, Otomo,Hayao Miyazaki

Well... that pretty much about it.
besides Iam architecture student at bezalel.

You Can Find my arts at http://dreamspheree.deviantart.com 
And you are welcome to read my blog
The Cyberpunk Blues

Contact Eliran Or search me at Facebook.com

Eliran Vig
Eliran, Blues Beachcomber

Make a deal with the devil

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