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Muddy Waters, Chicago Blues

Blues Shuffle

Blues shuffle article teaches how to play a blues shuffle. If you are a blues guitar player, you better know how to play a blues shuffle or else! The funky blues shuffle and the slow blues are the two main rhythms of blues music. Good luck and funky blues!

Origin of the Blues Shuffle

The blues shuffle has roots in shuffle beat rhythms of North Africa, Middle East and East Africa. What's the secret to playing a good a blues shuffle? Break every rule in classical music - or as Chuck Berry said - "Roll Over Beethoven and tell Tschaikowsky the news!"

Below are things to keep in mind when playing blues shuffles.. as I said, the beat stays the same, but the chords may be anything from trhee chords blues to jazz changes.

Have you ever listened to African music? Well, you might find it interesting... Today's blues shuffle has roots in the shuffle beat rhythms of North Africa, the Middle East and East Africa. If have not listened to Affrican music - just do it! My teacher Arnie Lawrence said, "The blues is the heart of all contemporary music in the wworld".. and I believe him... he .

Blues Shuffle Tips

Approach - be aggresive not passive

A blues shuffle is sexy - the opposite of classical music

Blues starts on "and of" beat - classical music on the beat

Blues is a trumpet - classical music a flute

Blues is stacato classical music legato

Blues is pentatonic - 5 notes - classical music 8 notes

Blues is intuitive - classical music formal

Blues casual music - classical music formal

Origin of Blues Shuffle

The blues shuffle is an offspring of the shuffle beat rhythm from North Africa land overall the Middle East is thought orginate from East Africa... the blues shuffle and blues music is the heart of all contemporary music in the wworld as Arnie Lawrence my mentor explained it to me

By Johnny Mayer.

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