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Blues For Peace

Blues Guitar Program

Blues Guitar Guru

So you want to go to hell playin' the blues?

Free Blues Guitar Course

The goal is to learn to play "Five Shades of Blues" - a five minute blues guitar solo in the styles of Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Mark Knopfler B.B. King and Eric Clapton. Along the way you will improve playing blues by ear ... if you like what you learn, tell your friends about the blues guitar guru page.. Ready.. take it down from the 5th..

Lesson 1- This is blues guitar.. not rocket science - so don't take playin' guitar too seriously.. ok so take it seriously, but have fun and when you feel like lousy cause you can't play like Eric Clapton.. lighten up with guitar humor.
Lesson 2- OK, grab your guitar and get ready to play the blues! Here are a dozen blues guitar licks in the styles of Jimi Hendrix, Freddy King, SRV, Chuck Berry, etc... see some blues concerts... can you imagine what it was like to see Jimi Hendrix?

Lesson 3- While your still workin' on the blues lickS, watch Eric Clapton Videos & imagine you're right up therE on stage trading licks with Eric.. you just may get your chance.. I sat in with Mingus.

Lesson 4- OK, back to work... let 's knock off five short solos with you can play right now.. all in the key of "A" - easy to transpose.. the first one is lead guitar licks... take good care of your guitar.. don't treat it like some old fly swatter.

Lesson 5- Learn some beer soaked country guitar licks... every blues musican should play country music.. Ray Charles and Clapton did.. also practice duckin' in case you wind up in a shoot out!.

Lesson 6- On deck we have funky guitar licks.. read this article over and over again... screw the rules.. here's the little bit I know that may turn a nobody guitar player into a blues guitar hero.

Lesson 7- Next up we have rock guitar licks.. how many people did Eric Clapton turn on to the blues? He's still awesome - the man plays killer guitar style.

Lesson 8- Here's the last set - rhythm guitar licks.. BB King said, "Notes are expensive, spend them wisely".. read music quotes

Lesson 9- Learn these blues chords and you can play almost any blues song.. comes in handy at hot, sweaty blues jam!

Lesson 10- Ready?? Play Blues for Eric Clapton - part one of "Five Shades of Blues".. Do you know an unsung blues hero?

Lesson 11- SRV WOKE ME UP!! Here's Blues for Stevie Ray Vaughan... part two of "Five Shades of Blues"... here's how I felt when I head the sad news..

Lesson 12- Emotion overcomes me thinking about Jimi... I was in Jerusalem when I heard Jimi left us.. here's Blues for Jimi Hendrix - part three of "Five Shades of Blues"... watch Jimi Hendricks videos.

Lesson 13- Play Blues for Mark Knopfler - part four of "Five Shades of Blues"... don't ever give up on yourself.. no matter what.. keep on boxing the blues!.

Lesson 14- And now ladies and gentlemen... learn to play Blues for B.B. King  - part five of "Five Shades of Blues"...  here's how how a TV show turned me on to the blues watchin' BB King.

Lesson 15- Practice playing the guitar solo to the blues tribute playback.. I'd love to hear it so email me for up load info..

Lesson 16 Make up your blues tributeand record it ...I'd love to hear it so email me for up load info. .

Lesson 17
-  Slide guitar is a MUST for every blues guitar player to explore.. sure we'd all love to have the touch of Duane Allman... get in the groove with these rhythm guitar parts.

Lesson 18- When you feel your music or life getting stale... return to the roots.. Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters.

OK it's over.. you can open your eyes.. I hope you enjoyed these blues guitar lessons.. I feel lucky to have met such great and giving musicians and hope you have enjoy every note you play.Look forward to meeting you someday and jammin with you.

Good luck and funky blues! Johnny Mayer

© 1998-2009 Blues for Peace Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Eric Clapton

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