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Albert Collins, Alligator

Albert Collins

Albert Collins Tribute

Albert Collins is to blame... it's because of Albert Collins I fell in love with the blues... Albert's tone can knock down a grown man.. imagine what it did to this impressionable teenager. Also, Albert humor, snide singing style and band are heaven sent. If not for Albert Collins, I may never have started "Blues for Peace"..

I was giving this kid a blues guitar lesson in Tel Aviv when I came up with the idea to write a blues guitar book to teach kids in Israel how to play the blues in Hebrew. I contacted Alligator Records and they sent me a couple of pictures of Albert Collins to put in the book.Here it is called "Blues & Rock N' Roll Guitar for beginner guitar players. It's older brother is this blues band format blues guitar book.

They don't make 'em any more like Albert Collins, it's over, but not done.. you see, because Albert Collins didn't try to copy anyone else or fake his way into the hearts of blues music fans, he just tried to discover and be himsellf.. lovable, bad ass blues guitar / singer / songwriter from Texas... Albert, "Blues for Peace" is my tribute to you!
Johnny Mayer

Master of the Telecaster

Albert Collins talks about playin' blues guitar and creating your own sound and style.. when you hear Albert, Collins sing and play the blues .. it all sounds SO natural and easy.. you too can learn to play blues with a feeling.. just listen to Albert Collins - Master of the Telecaster

Simple Music - Albert Collins
"I was told when I started to play that simple music is the hardest music in the world to play. And blues is simple music."

Other Guitar Players - Albert Collins
"A lot of guys shy away from other guitar players who are better than them. I've never been that way. I listened to all the other guys, but I never wanted  to play like them. Like I tell a lot of people, I change a few notes, but I've been playing the same way because I always wanted to keep my own style and always be Albert Collins."

That Hum - Albert Collins

"Most of the time I hum what I'm playing so sometimes it bleeds through on the track. That's why I get hoarse sometimes when I try to sing, I'll be humming my notes, and I'm not always aware of how hard I'm doing it. That's really how I started playing, just with my mouth."

The Energy - Albert Collins

"I hear so many blues records and a lot of it's not dance music. That has a lot to do with your concerts. People say 'I can dance to this, let's go see him in person'. Because I'm playing for younger audiences, I always try to keep that energy happening."

His Roots - Albert Collins

"In Texas, I was raised up around those kind of sax players like Illinois Jacquet. Down there there's blues and jazz and R&B. I had a choice to make when I started out, so I decided to play blues."

Day Jobs Albert Collins

"Before I really got started with music, I mixed paint for automobiles for six years. That was back in Texas, before I came to the west coast. When I cut "Frosty" in 1962, I didn't follow it up. I never traveled because I had a regular day job at home."

Hard Times - Albert Collins

"Around 1974 to 1975 I quit for a minute and I didn't record for six years from 1972 to '78. For about a year, I stopped playing completely. My landlord was a contractor, and I started doing work with him. My wife told me 'this ain't you, you've got to keep up with your music' which I'm proud of her for telling me that."

Using A Capo - Albert Collins

"I got the idea for the capo from Gatemouth Brown. I started without one, but I looked at Gatemouth and said, "Man, you're using that choker." We used to call it a choker. Now I can't play without one." (Albert tuned his guitar to an F minor chord instead of the regular tuning.)

His Sound - Albert Collins

"I get most of my sound from the amp that I use and I always like to use my own amp- a 100 watt Quad Reverb I've been using since 1972. I always put the volume all the way up on 10, treble on 10, middle on 10 and I don't use bass, intensity or none of that. Reverb I set at 4.

Albert Collins Guitar Tab

      Albert Collins  Edited by Tim Landers. DVD video. Published by Warner Brothers.
    Guitar Tips Blues Guitar Video  Performed by B.B. King, Albert Collins. Edited by Tim Landers. REH video (NTSC video). Published by Warner Brothers.
    Albert Collins  Performed by Albert Collins. Edited by Tim Landers. REH video (NTSC video). Published by Warner Brothers.

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