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Blues For Peace

Philo T. Ogden, Blues For Peace

Philo T. Ogden


I've Got
piccolodo flute
    burst out de note
    hot & cute.
maharhymbic lymbic
    contoloto floato.
hit out the note
    a note
    a note o.
crunjie up de rhythm,
    rhythm ratham.
gudzukelize, tinkelize,
    play de notes too large a your size.
dridle a riddy.
    schreechalate a schratic.
gollioo, gollato.
    a siprino soprano.
ocharinize a scintillatious sound.
multichodicize them notes of spries,
    don't drop your eyes.
sythesize them medjiotic rize.
piccolodote a note.
a scat, flap diddy ap.
a scidder didder ridder
    booly bolie note io dotio dooly.

It's that ten A.M. beer rush.
Pop the tab,
Hear it gush.
That cold and heart bubblin'
From extruded al...u...min...ium.
It satisfies both the mind
And the belly.
Stops the hunger and the thinkin'
Of an idle life all spent drinkin'
Yah, that ten A.M. beer rush.
Pop the tab,
Hear it gush.
Pop the tab,
Hear it gush.

21 sep 93

   feeling blurry
i looked up and saw a sign:
i walked into the shop & said:
that's exactly what we need in this world,
more optimism.
i could use some.

   at this point
the OPTOMETRIST looked up and said:
        you just need new glasses.

17 nov 91

so your grandchildren may see them:
read the warning upon entering the u.s. airforce museum;
dayton, ohio.
why you must not touch these airplanes:
as are fine paintings...
as are woks of art...
are these,
    these are
the planes.

& in i wander
               keeping my hands in my pockets,
               so as not to wear down the exhibits,
               so they may be viewed by my grandchildren
               for 10,000 years.

& i walked until there...
               on display:
               the B29 which destroyed nagasaki
               (ending the war).

for this plane
               i withdrew my hand from my pocket...
               and wore it down...
               by one


Philo T. Ogden
2613 N. Bartlett Av.
Milwaukee, WI 53211, USA
© 1998 Philo T. Ogden

© 1998-2009 Blues for Peace Corporation. All rights reserved.

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