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Why Get Up

The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Why get up, why get up
How can I get up, why should I get up
This whole world's gone crazy
Think I've seen enough
I'm gonna sleep forever why get up

Phone keeps ringing right off the hook
Some bill collector, I know what cooks
Think I'll stay in bed, dream all day
World outside bugs me anyway
When I get things going, the going gets rough
So I ask myself why get up


Went to the doctor, he said lose some weight
If you don't do it quick, we'll have to operate
I talked to my lawyer, he said case is closed
That woman got it all even the garden hose
Staring at the ceiling thinking just my luck
Better roll back over why get up


Well I can't quit drinking, I'm nervous all the time
When I wake up, it's like a ton lead on my mind
What was it, I said to that girl last night
She really got upset, I best stay out of sight
I remember a gun and calling somebody's bluff
I better duck under the cover why get up

by B. Carter / R. Ellsworth

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