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Blues For Peace


B.B. King, Blues for Peace, Jerusalem

Poetry by Jason Cutrer

Nit wits and pen fits

Nit wits and pen fits
abscent mind stints
beating the one two
buckle my shoe
to the three four
on my open sore
from my perch
to your bait
Texas oozing out
round about ways
of writing
pining to break free
is the way to be
My fantasia screams
to the worlds blan
tastless senseless logic
my acid trip
to your nine to five
tax paying
ass kissing
money laundering
poor people stomping
My heroin syringe
to your
bomb throwing machine
government fiends
chasing dreams
material having
social status whores
Land of Fears!
Land of the Free!
Land of the Fake!
Land of Oppression!
Land of, get me the hell outta here!
Home of the brave!
Home of the pointing finger
Uncle sam
He's our man
if he can't do it
we'll drop a nuclear bomb
duck and cover
stitch your eyes shut
with cloth from the
American Flag
Run Blacks
Run Latinos
Run Muslims
or take a job
cleaning puke
from the mouth
White America Junior

I'm drowning in the stars tonight

I'm drowning in the stars tonight
The stars stare back at me
plasma orange
electric blue
a tiger
a lilly
What a wonderous view tonight
my eyes painting a scene
felt tipped black
feathered pearl
a peak
an epiphany
I'm one with the world tonight
becoming a planet unseen
liquid soul
velvet heart
a spiritual awakening
I'm orbiting the love tonight
contacting the worlds dream
earthquake tears
ember eyes
a pure and lasting peace

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© 1998-2009 Blues for Peace

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