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Blues Improvisation
Blues Improv

Blues For Peace

Charlie Parker, Miles Davis

Blues Jazz Dilemma

How much jazz is too much??

So your into jazz and mostly play with blues bands and some rock with your jazz musician friends. You have a band that plays some clubs and events, but not that many when you think of it? Did it ever occur to you it's the jazz that's holding your band back?

This Ain't Kansas City in the 1930's

In the heyday in of 1920's and 30's jazz in Kansas City, many musicians played in big bands and the guitar players just plunked out the chords. Not many had a chance to play 2-3 miute solos.. Today it's even worse, there are almost no big bands to play with unless your in college and not much after you leave college.. sorry them the breaks.

Play the Blues with Pride!

That's right - play the blues man! If your're good at it, if you have a decent band, if you get a steady venue to play a few times a month.. don't let it lslip through your fingers - you may not have a chance like that again...

Blues Band Rehearsels

So where do you plan to test out your new blues band? Not sure, better think about it and head down to a club and talk your way into a perfomance. OK, so the don't want to pay? Swallow your pride and start playing the blues!

If the blues band is good, a few months of steady shows may bring a crowd and the crowd will get you $$$ along with a steady gig for a long time if you touch them with your music and befriend your audience. That's right, sit down next to someone that just heard your band and introduce your self. It's a wonder what a beer or two with someone at a blues bar for making a lifelong friend.

The Blues Is Always In Style

That's right, the blues IS always in style, it may be a little worn and looks like it's on its leg, but don't be fooled! There will always be blues somewhere in your town and people that want to jam and learn to play the blues!

Instead of thinking what the blues scene in your town can do for you.. go out and find a few new blues musicians eager to join the scene and hold a jam session. When it's all said and done, it's the blues that will still be there.. a city without blues is a city without a future. Think about it.and tell your buddies.

Good luck and funky blues. Johnny Mayer

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Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

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