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Blues Improvisation
Blues Improv

Blues For Peace

Gulf War Blues

The Highway Band was popular around the time of the Gulf War, before the blues became a business in Israel. We never made any money, but we sure could play the blues!

Here are the band members and what happened to them-

Gidon Yuval- Vocals
Gidon, the subject of pop song "Gidi", stayed in Israel.

Johnny Mayer - Guitar, Blues Harp, Leader
Wrote Hebrew Blues Guitar book.

Ben Te-eni- Bass
Ben, an Israeli, finished the army and went to Japan.

Michael Simmons- Guitar
Michael from Scotland, married and moved to Australia.

Re'a Mochiah- Drums
Rea moved to Europe and joined Brian Adams

Mark Richardson- Alto Sax
Mark played in Latin bands went back to America.

Andy Apothaker - Keyboards
Andy accompanied Israeli entertainers, died in 1995.

Demo features Gidon on vocals, Johnny on blues harp.

Andy Apothaker, Blues For Peace, Israel

Andy Apothaker

Unsung Blues Hero 1952 - 1995

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Eric Clapton

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